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I love micro skiffs! Here in Jacksonville, a good skiff can open you up to endless fishing oppurtunities. I needed a good skiff, and decided I wanted to build one. My plan suddenly materialized when I was walking down my cousin's dock, and was startled to see their skiff there lying in the mud. I asked cousin Travis "Why is your skiff in the mud!?" and he replied that the battery died, and a good rain sunk it there at the dock. He said they he was planning to get a new one soon anyway, and that he wanted to get rid of it. He told me I could have it if I could haul it! So me and my buddy Brian showed up the next day with a big truck wench. We drug the boat out of the mud, and I towed it away on a borrowed trailer.
The original thread I posted in Florida Sportsman about my skiff build-http://forums.floridasportsman.com/forum/northeast-general-info/my-classic-skiff-build-edit-recent-adventures-and-updates
My classic skiff build-
Here she is after a good pressure washing.
After pressure washing, I stripped the boat. I removed everything down to the original, bare hull. Then I began restoration by sanding away 30+ years of grime and several differant layers of paint. After sanding it down to glass, I made all repairs, sanded the entire hull again and then sealed it. Next it was time for another complete sanding, and finally the paint, and proper preparation resulted in a mirror like finish in my favorite blue.
It was a labor of love, I completed the entire restoration with my own two hands, besides having Three Bros. Marine re-build a bigger console and another friend helped me spray the finish. It was my first restoration.
The transom had wood in it, so all the wood had to be removed and replaced. Then, I notched the transom to fit a 15" motor. (Slight oversight at first, lol.)
Obviously, I had to put electronics in it! I went with Lowrance and Clarion products-
Since building the little skiff, I've had quite a few adventures on it with friends and family. Here is the record smashing sheepshead              (Featured in a full page article in Florida Sportsman Magazine, March 2010) I caught on one of her first trips-
Poling the skiff on the flats
These are just a few adventures from the newly restored skiff. I look forward to the next restoration!
I love Skiffs and I love to work on them. Please let us outfit your skiff with the latest electronics, and I'll take the same care and pride with yours as I did on my own.